A Musical Mind


Happy New Year! Welcome to the start of what I hope will be a fun, knowledgable and music-filled blog.


“Sammie, why now?”
For quite a long time I’ve had one ‘blog’ – it’s a Tumblr – which wasn’t really specific to much except re-blogs of stuff I liked. That’s all cool and whatnot, but I was consistently being asked to share my music choices, top artists, bands, etc. Whenever I’d have music playing, I’d text a friend, or my sister (we share music 24/7) to check out whoever I was listening to. I’d tell them my favourite track off the album, their genre, who they resembled, and so on and so forth. I’d go over to a friends house and ask them if they had heard of this band “____” and when they responded no, I’d immediately want to fill them in. It seriously is about dang time I do this.


“Why a solely a music-focused blog?” 
I want to reach a similar demographic of people that want to discover, educate, listen to, and thoroughly enjoy music. I personally, cannot live without it. Even as I sit here typing, I have music playing in the background. It fuels me, gets my creative juices flowing and even helps me focus. (Back in my school-days, I could never get homework done without it.)


“What should I expect?”
That’s a good question. A journey you’ll be embarking on with me. I am chalk-full of ideas, words, photos…and yes, duh, music! My goal is to post at least three times a week. That may look like a post about my favourite artist that week, in addition with a playlist. Or, it may just be a cool music video, or some album artwork I find truly inspiring, or plain cool. Like I said, it’ll be a journey; one I hope you’ll want to stick around for.


“Can you explain your “Shows” category more in depth?”
“Shows” is a little something special for you. Prior to me moving to Charlotte, NC, I lived in Nashville for almost 5 years. “Music-city” and let me tell you, it’s everything and more you think it is. Constantly surrounded by it, it was so great! I also grew up in a musical family, playing, singing..typically at a show, concert, or musical event quite often. So, this category is for you show-thirsty folk. I will try and post my favourite (or remotely likable) bands/artists that are playing in the Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas. Sound cool? I hope so.


“Interviews? As in, band interviews?
Yep. This will be a new venture for me, as I have never actually “interviewed” a band or artist before. I have a lot of talented, musician friends. Some who are in bands, some who tech for them, some who manage them… I will do my best to get any information, critique, public response – other than my own – relating to that specific album, tour or overall band/artist to the best of my ability!


“Okay, okay. So, this is leaving us expecting a lot. Will you come through?”
I promise, I will try my absolute best! I mean, we all know, as human beings we have real life going on. Real work schedules, school, family, friends to hang with, things to do. However, I love music, and I love to share about it. So, hopefully it won’t be a hassle for me. But hey, life is life. Be easy on a gal.


Thanks for reading this lengthy intro! Hope to see you back real soon!

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