Mackintosh Braun


If you’re into spacy, atmospheric, electro pop – then Mackintosh Braun is right up your alley. I mean, even if you’re not…you definitely need to give these guys a listen. You want me to explain their “sound” a bit better? Alright. how does breathy vocal harmonies, pleasing guitar textures and a calm, ambient, somewhat synth-pop production work for ya? Their harmonies and melodies are infectiously catchy! I promise you’ll be tappin’ your toe, or at least swaying to the music after the first song.


I remember my introduction to MB. I was at my good friend Crystal’s house, with my sister, hanging out – as you do with friends…anyways, Crystal loves music, almost as much as I do, and she asked me if I had ever heard of this Portland band “Mackintosh Braun”. I was a bit surprised at my answer, because I didn’t, and usually I’m pretty on top of these things. (I mean, really, I love to dig for new music/bands etc.) Anyways, she proceeded to play their first album The Sound and I was hooked after hearing like a minute of the intro from the first song she played – which was “My Time” and is still one of my favourite tracks of theirs to this day. After the day MB’s music entered my life, they were throughout my mixes, daily playlists and were being shared amongst friends as much as possible.


The guys just recently released a single “We Ran Faster Then” and have another rad tune “Never Give In” up on SoundCloud today which will be featured on the new Veronica Mars movie! Definitely check those out, including the video for “We Ran Faster Then”, posted below! It’s great! They will also be releasing their new album, titled “ARCADIA” sometime this spring. I seriously cannot wait. It’s been a long time comin’ and I’m ready.




So, there you have it. The boys of Mackintosh Braun! Stay tuned in the next few months for a special little interview I did with them. You won’t wanna miss it! :)

In the meantime, go check out their SoundCloud, website, Twitter and go Like their Facebook Page! You’ll definitely be doing yourself a favour. ;)


Review: Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Angel Olsen. There’s no way I could full explain this musical songstress’ talent in just a couple of paragraphs. She is vulnerable, she is strong, she is sad, she is happy, she is emotion. Pure, raw, emotion. Today I wanted to cover her newest album that I’ve been playing quite a lot:

You know the feeling when you’re grasping on to the remains of a relationship? You hold their hand but you feel numb with regret? You lie in bed next to them but you’ve never felt so alone. Yeah, that feeling. Well, Olsen’s newest album “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” carries those latched-on feelings. Forgiven/Forgottens lyrics, even with its grunge tones and reverb, somehow remain at the forefront. Catchy but empty – uplifting yet incredibly wistful. Olsen performs these lyrics with such sincerity and only an atmospheric electric guitar for company…which again, just goes to prove the value of her raw, genuine artistry.


There seems to be a theme of importance on this album. Lights. ‘White Fire‘, ‘Lights Out‘, ‘Stars‘ and ‘Windows‘ (my personal favourite) all of which seem to speak of a transitional period. Turning off a light and ending something indefinitely, paired with the hope and new beginnings that a shining light brings. There’s something beautiful about it. Refreshing. Optimistic. Promising, and yet, it still cries out in desperation. Olsen’s emotionally overwhelmed mind of frantic thoughts and frustrations can be clearly seen in ‘Stars’: “I feel so much at once, that I could scream – I wish I had voice of everything – To scream the feeling ’til there’s nothing left“.


The album continues with melodic, hazy tunes; carrying in pretty acoustic numbers and doused into angrier, almost punk-influenced outputs. This album will make your heart swell and break synchronously, and ironically, it’ll make you feel less alone. It’s a “let me hold your hand, I know what you’re going through and am there for you” sorta album. Under the poppy exterior of ‘Hi-Five‘, she sings out “Are you lonely too? Hi-Five! So am I!” coaxing out an almost euphoric attitude to an undeniably saddening subject. Something only Angel could pull off.


Here’s a video from a live session she did back in January. It’ll leave you speechless, it’s that beautiful. Enjoy! Xo

Playlist No. 8

Boom. Here ya go! Six of my top songs for the week! Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! :)


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Photography by Lindsey Plevyak

IMG_0684RE<Hey guys! Happy Saturday!


I don’t typically do this, but I wanted to share some awesome photos my dear friend Lindsey Plevyak shot of me last week. We had a lot of fun taking them, and she’s truly the best gal to hang with! If you want to see the rest of the gallery of photos, click here.





If you’re looking for some amazing portraits or a photographer for an event – she does shows too – contact Lindsey! She is unreal good, and I wouldn’t just say that! Her style is refreshing, and she’s got an eye that’ll blow your mind! So, I’ll stick her info below! Thanks for checking it out, and come back next week…I’ll have some good tunes for ya! (I’ve been slacking a bit, sorry – life is CRAZY busy!)




Contact info:

Lindsey Plevyak Photography

Twitter: @lindseyplevyak

Instagram: @lindseyplevyak

Chill Out Tunes


In light of all the snow we had last week, here is a Playlist I created for those days you just wanna, well, chill out. Mostly ambient, relaxing, maybe even a bit jazzy or electronic….just sit back, relax and treat yoself to these great tunes.

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New Music Video: Love At The End

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be in a music video my friend Jared Hogan shot and helped direct for local Charlotte artist John Mark McMillan. Man, talk about talent. It is amazing to watch these guys do what they love, and do it so well. I had such a blast working with some of my friends, as well as my brother – he was the production assistant. Good times all around!


My scene in the video was shot at Morning Glory Farm, my brother’s fiancee Maggie‘s (did ya get that?) family farm and home. They have a couple of horses on the farm, and they were also quickly featured in the video! (Seriously, I love, it’s even more rad to me.)


I absolutely love the concept of the video, the imagery, the message, the dancing, the song, I just love it all. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself below and enjoy! :)