Cheer Up With These Pink Article Chairs (And A Gray Bench!)

Hi, I have pink chairs now – correction, Article Pink Lily Svelti chairs – am I cool yet? Um, c’mon, just LOOK AT THEM! Sleek, tapered black metal legs, high quality moulded seats…and yes, they’re comfy! They wouldn’t go in our dining room if not. I FREAKING LOVE THEM! They’ve completely brightened up my dining room and have brought joy and happiness to my home and life – ok, a bit overboard, but they’ve totally added a fun, cheery flair to our dining room!

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COME HANG: W.E.L.L. SUMMIT 2018 – Brooklyn, NY

I’m super stoked about this years W.E.L.L. Summit! This is my second year attending (FYI: This isn’t sponsored, however, WS gifted me my tickets again this year to work with them and spread the word about this incredible event that I love!)

Are you new to what this event is? I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out more. :) I’ve also got a full blog post from when I attended last years WS, HERE!

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Cauliflower Gnocchi with Organic Heirloom Tomatoes 

A lot of you have been asking me for recipes on my Instagram and I figured why not just make a post that I can add recipes to as I post them on Instagram…easy enough, right? ;) I’ll update this randomly, but at least it’s here!

So without further adieu…

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Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk: of My Dreams

I am SO excited about this post…like SO EXCITED!! I have been on the hunt for a standing desk and one that didn’t look like it came from the dark shadows of the earth. (HA, but really..have you seen some standing desks? They are not cute!) Well, this one is (clearly, as you can see in the pics) and I am thrilled to be able to share with you more about this incredible standing desk, its company and more!

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Remember my past April stay at Charlotte hotel The Ivey’s!? Yeah, I’ll never forget it. However, with all of the buying a new house, prep for moving around that time, the chaos of life and then the huge move itself (and everything else that follows with homeownership), this post has been delayed more times than I can even remember! Apologies if you were waiting for it…shoot, I was waiting for it! We’re here now, that’s all that matters. :)

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