So, I was brainstorming which album I should review first on my blog. I then realized it was a no-brainer. James! I mean, c’mon, have you even heard his music? I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t enjoy him. It’s hard not to enjoy this 22-year old’s brilliantly produced syncopated electronic music.


His new album, Overgrown literally left me speechless and wanting more the first time I sat down to listen to it. When I say wanting more, I literally mean it was being played all day, all night, and when it wasn’t, a song was being hummed or my brain was repeating songs from the album over and over. (I told you my life is literally music, ha.)


Overgrown does not miss a beat. It is straight up inspiration, abundant with raw, genuine emotion. Mesmerizing melodies and harmonies, along with James’ hauntingly deep, and moody vocals. Cannot. Get. Enough. The whole album maintains a warm atmosphere, a steady pulse. Never too much, and never too little. It was tough picking one track I favoured most, and that really stood out to me – they are all brilliant! However, I did realize there was one that stuck with me,  “I Am Sold“. This piano-based track starts simple, and then proceeds to sprawl into a soft, sexy bass-filled drum loop. The lyrics though, are what continuously resonated through my brain, one of James’ fortes; to engage the audience with beautiful, relatable lyrics: “and we lay nocturnal, speculating what we feel.” Well done, James, you have done it once again! You are the master of emotional speculation, and I will speculate what I feel about this album for many more days to come. I am – in every sense of this tracks title – sold.


So, there it is. I hiiiiiighly recommend everyone to take an in depth listen to this album. Shut your lights off, close your eyes, lay on your bed and get sucked into the cosmic atmosphere that is Overgrown. Ahhhh, James Blake! What are you doing to us?! Your capabilities to continuously melt your every listener into a big puddle of emotions is relentless. Thank you for existing.



The hauntingly gorgeous music video for James Blake, “Overgrown”.

A Musical Mind


Happy New Year! Welcome to the start of what I hope will be a fun, knowledgable and music-filled blog.


“Sammie, why now?”
For quite a long time I’ve had one ‘blog’ – it’s a Tumblr – which wasn’t really specific to much except re-blogs of stuff I liked. That’s all cool and whatnot, but I was consistently being asked to share my music choices, top artists, bands, etc. Whenever I’d have music playing, I’d text a friend, or my sister (we share music 24/7) to check out whoever I was listening to. I’d tell them my favourite track off the album, their genre, who they resembled, and so on and so forth. I’d go over to a friends house and ask them if they had heard of this band “____” and when they responded no, I’d immediately want to fill them in. It seriously is about dang time I do this.


“Why a solely a music-focused blog?” 
I want to reach a similar demographic of people that want to discover, educate, listen to, and thoroughly enjoy music. I personally, cannot live without it. Even as I sit here typing, I have music playing in the background. It fuels me, gets my creative juices flowing and even helps me focus. (Back in my school-days, I could never get homework done without it.)


“What should I expect?”
That’s a good question. A journey you’ll be embarking on with me. I am chalk-full of ideas, words, photos…and yes, duh, music! My goal is to post at least three times a week. That may look like a post about my favourite artist that week, in addition with a playlist. Or, it may just be a cool music video, or some album artwork I find truly inspiring, or plain cool. Like I said, it’ll be a journey; one I hope you’ll want to stick around for.


“Can you explain your “Shows” category more in depth?”
“Shows” is a little something special for you. Prior to me moving to Charlotte, NC, I lived in Nashville for almost 5 years. “Music-city” and let me tell you, it’s everything and more you think it is. Constantly surrounded by it, it was so great! I also grew up in a musical family, playing, singing..typically at a show, concert, or musical event quite often. So, this category is for you show-thirsty folk. I will try and post my favourite (or remotely likable) bands/artists that are playing in the Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas. Sound cool? I hope so.


“Interviews? As in, band interviews?
Yep. This will be a new venture for me, as I have never actually “interviewed” a band or artist before. I have a lot of talented, musician friends. Some who are in bands, some who tech for them, some who manage them… I will do my best to get any information, critique, public response – other than my own – relating to that specific album, tour or overall band/artist to the best of my ability!


“Okay, okay. So, this is leaving us expecting a lot. Will you come through?”
I promise, I will try my absolute best! I mean, we all know, as human beings we have real life going on. Real work schedules, school, family, friends to hang with, things to do. However, I love music, and I love to share about it. So, hopefully it won’t be a hassle for me. But hey, life is life. Be easy on a gal.


Thanks for reading this lengthy intro! Hope to see you back real soon!

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