It’s here! It’s here! (FINALLY…it took me long enough!) My W.E.L.L. Summit recap! I know you’ve all been burrrrrnin’ to know how it went. As if my dozens of videos and photos on Instagram weren’t enough. ;) (Teasing!)

You guys, it was seriously everything it cracked up to be, and more! It was extremely insightful, engaging, supportive, encouraging, fun, loud, quiet, funny and serious…all at the same time! I learned so much from the amazing panelists on Friday, then Friday night we had the Live W.E.L.L. Party which was so much fun! I got to finally meet one of my favourite chocolate brands, Elements Truffles and so many other incredible green shops and brands like Vapour Organic Beauty, Follain and more. On Saturday (my favourite day, full of breakout sessions we had a chance to hand pick), we had an intimate gathering of 15-25 women in a room learning all about specific topics such as Chinese medicine, clean skincare, gut health and more!

My Saturday schedule looked something like this:


Saturday was by-far my favourite, and though I loved every breakout, there were a few that stood out! First, was Phoebe Lapine‘s Ferment-Me-Not session. It was full of amazing tidbits and wisdom on gut-health, fermented foods – including on how to make your very own sauerkraut – and we even got to pass a real live scoby around! (LOL)

Bought a book and held the sauerkraut I just so happened to win too..lol!

Another fave was Sandra Lanshin‘s The Unique Power of Chinese Medicine in Healing Skin session. First off, I LOVE Chinese Medicine. I think it’s incredible and my body responds to it well. This only clarified and proved that to me more! Below are some snapshots of some of the topics she touched. Reading the skin was one of my faves! I learned so much.


Sarah’s Villafranco’s was one of my faves! Sarah is the founder of Osmia Organics…and just so happens to be a gem! I mean, look at her (she’s the babe in the grey tee at the bottom)  with us ladies…such a cutie! She had a great slideshow and we played a sort of True or False game about some beauty myths and facts…it was funny and super informative!


Schoolin’ us on fact/fiction of skincare! 

ALSO, I have no idea why my face looks like this. (Caught at a bad angle/moment..lolol.)     

Honestly, Sarah is the real deal! She was a former ER doc, so she knows her stuff! Hearing her take on skincare, skin issues and more was so fascinating! She also recommended some awesome products from her line (for specific skin problems) and I can vouch for them! They’re great! One of my favourites would have to be her Vital Nectar Rose Drops…it’s divine alone or mixed in with your favourite moisturizer!

W.E.L.L. Summit was such an amazing experience! I think everyone should experience it at least once! It was educational, eye-opening, fun, and most of all the community was amazing! I can’t wait for next year!

So, who’s comin’?!


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  1. Lois December 13, 2017

    I love the quote, “don’t try to look beautiful you beautiful.”
    Great Recap – I enjoyed reading it. 🤗


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