It’s easy for someone like me to get caught in the act of cleaning…but let’s be real, not everyone is me. Nor do we all enjoy cleaning lol. Okay, quick poll: Who enjoys cleaning? – let me know in the comments…haha! (I am so serious, btw!)

Fresh Room Spray in Peppermint + Lemon is SO bright and refreshing!

But really, cleaning is a chore and chores can be annoying…and really toxic, if you’re using a product(s) to clean your household that contains bleach, added synthetic fragrance and other harsh chemicals! More and more people are finding out that they’re sensitive to fragrances and chemicals, now more than ever! Hives, itchy, dry skin, headaches…some signs that your cleaning products you’re using are no bueno! So, how do we do better? How do we revamp cleaning our home space, the clothing we wear, the bedding we sleep on and yes, even down to the tables we sit at to eat? Well, surprise, surprise – I’ve got this covered. For starters, using green, clean and non-toxic household cleaning products is so key. This is where Rebel Green‘s household come in!

I first heard of and (physically) saw Rebel Green at my local Whole Foods, and then shortly after watched a fellow green beauty blogger mention it in a story while she was out at her Whole Foods. (If you’re local to North Carolina, they’re at Earthfare too!) I’m an aesthetic kind of gal, so immediately the packaging and branding stood out to me. However, the ingredients are ultimately what pulled me in for a closer look. I’ll be sharing with you today some of these products I’ve used and have come to love and what they do!

But first, a bit of Rebel Green history:

  • Ali Florsheim and Melina Marcus are the creators of Rebel Green. They are two moms who struggled with skin sensitivities.
  • Whenever possible, Rebel Green only creates products made right here in the USA
  • This local vision extends worldwide as a percentage of their sales go directly to clean water initiatives and to fighting hunger with charities such as Growing Power and the Great Lakes Water Institute.
  • These products are cruelty-free, biodegradable (bottles are made from 25% plastic) and specifically designed to minimize waste and motivate a fundamental shift in thinking about the planet we share.
  • Products have the USDA Organic Certification and Eco-Seal
  • There aren’t any harsh, synthetic or toxic ingredients. Only plant-based and essential oil based ones.
  • Their pricing is incredibly affordable and they’re similarly priced to conventional detergents and some other household cleaning items.

•      •      •      •      •      •

Fruit & Veggie Clean

Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean
If you didn’t already know, produce is nasty! Tastes good, is covered in nasty. Think about how it passes through so many hands picking over it hours, even minutes at a time…and then there are the layers of chemicals and waxes coating it – if you’re not purchasing organic. If organic, then you have a bit of advantage, but STILL, the grubby hannnnds. UGH! Let’s be real, it needs to be cleaned – STAT! This spray ensures residue, wax, chemicals and any grubbiness is removed without the harsh chemicals that’d eat your apple peel right off..

For each pound of produce, pour 1/4 cup of Fruit & Veggie Clean into a bowl of water. Let your produce soak in the bowl for a few minutes and then drain the produce in a colander and rinse them. Voila! Clean fruits and veggies!

Fresh Room Spray – Peppermint & Lemon

Fresh Room Spray – Peppermint & Lemon
Who doesn’t love a good room spray?! This one is scented with organic essential oils and smells so invigoratingly fresh and clean (yeah I said that). I love spraying this on my pillows, couch, beds, clothes…in the air too, of course. Think of it as a non-toxic Febreeze! Also comes in Lavender.

Spray liberally in the air, all over bedroom, kitchen, living room…heck, you can even spray it on yourself it’s so green! ;)

All Purpose Spray – Pink Lilac
Definitely one of my favourite products from the line! Plus, I adore this Pink Lilac scent! You know how some floral cleaners can be like you just sniffed the straight essence of a flower…and it doesn’t leave your nose for awhile? Yeah, this isn’t going to be like that. It’s floral, and fresh, without being overpowering!

This all-purpose spray is great for wiping down surfaces such as the counters, kitchen or coffee tables, and any grimy areas of the home.

•      •      •      •      •      •

Amongst these standout products highlighted above, here are the other items sent to me that I also really enjoyed:

Fresh Laundry Detergent – Unscented: A great alternative to super sensitive skin (even to essential oils).

Good Sport Wash – Peppermint & Lemon: This is designed for high tech performance gear. (Think gym clothes, heavy duty/stinky items that have been through it…lol.)

Fabulous Fabric Softner – Peppermint & Lemon: Reduces static cling, makes clothes feel softer and has them smelling fresh!

Delicates Wash – Pink Lilac: Perfect for your delicates (duh) and unmentionables.

Fresh & Clean Hand Soap – Peppermint & Lemon: Love this fresh, naturally moisturizing, lemony minty soap for the kitchen or bathroom!

Luxe Hand Cream – Pink Lilac: This moisturizing hand cream is light and perfect for after washing the dishes or your hands.

Sparkling Glass Spray – Pink Lilac: This spray is awesome and gets my mirrors and glass sparkling! Plus, that Pink Lilac smells so lovely!

Super Deluxe Dish Soap – Pink Lilac: Don’t let the soft, Pink Lilac scent fool you – this stuff gets grease and grime off of dishes without all of the toxic chemicals most conventional dish soaps contain!

•      •      •      •      •      •


Don’t wait to get your green clean on, head on over to my latest Instagram post for details on how to enter a giveaway to win FIVE of my favourite picks Rebel Green products:


  1. All Purpose Spray – Peppermint & Lemon
  2. Sparkling Glass Spray – Pink Lilac
  3. Fresh Laundry Detergent – Unscented
  4. Tree Free Toilet Tissue
  5. Fruit and Veggie Clean

•      •      •      •      •      •

Some retailers you can find Rebel Green at are: Earth Fare, Ingles, Whole Foods, Healthy Home Market and The Fresh Market (Fruit and Veggie Clean only). Also, be sure to check out Rebel Green’s tab WHERE YOU CAN BUY and be sure to give them a follow on their social media outlets:

Instagram: @rebel_green

Twitter: @rebelgreenllc

Facebook: @rebelgreenllc



So, who else here has tried Rebel Green and enjoys them? Any favourite or stand-out products that you love by them? Let me know in the comments below!



This post is sponsored. These products were sent to me to review through Rebel Green. As always, all thoughts expressed are honest and unique to my personal experience.


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