Petit Vour’s August 2016 Beauty Box

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Welcome back and happy August 24th! Can you believe it’s already almost September? I can’t. The summer flies by!

Let’s not waste anytime! This months Petit Vour Beauty Box was all about Green Beauty Bliss! It came with such a cute description card too – as always – illustrated by the lovely Mia Charro. If you’ve never heard of Petit Vour, where’ve ya been!? Just kidding..haha. Petit Vour is a monthly subscription box that carries amazing non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products…for only 15 bucks! Yeah, that’s a steal for all the amazing products you’re getting – which are way over $15 by the way. The beauty boxes each come packed with four deluxe-sized (and sometimes full-sized) products. So great!


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The first beauty box item I’m going to chat about is this Formulary 55 Sea Mineral Body Polish With Grapefruit & Rosemary. First off, I love love love Formulary 55! I have a few of her candles, bath fizzy products and such. They’ve never disappointed, and this product proves that statement once again.

This Sea Mineral Polish is a single use pack, but trust me, it packs a punch! It’ll detoxify the skin and its scent is super refreshing and therapeutic.


Combine contents of the packet with some water to make a paste. Then, apply it to your skin, scrub, and rinse. Love this tip for an extra moisturizing boost: take 2 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil instead of water and mix it with the Polish. Instant hydration!


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True Moringa Lavender Facial Oil: a soothing, relaxing facial oil that combines the anti-aging and moisturizing properties of cold-pressed Moringa oil with the skin-soothing beauty of Lavender. It’ll reduce redness, damaged, dry skin, and signs of aging with daily use. Sounds lovely, right? I love this right before bed because lavender just calms me and promotes those sweet zzz’s my body needs.


Make sure your face is cleansed thoroughly. Apply one pump to your fingertips and rub them together gently. Press the oil serum onto cheeks, forehead and chin, smoothing over your nose and lips to finish. With light, upward strokes, massage it into your skin.


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Box Natural Luxe Towelettes: Some of my favourite multi-purpose towelettes! These versatile lil babies can be used for a slew of things – cleaning your hands, wiping down your phone, removing makeup…freshening up the not so lovely smelling areas of your body and more! Because they’re small and thin, they’re super discrete and easy to carry around with you. Great for traveling, or just anytime really! The scents seen here are Rosewater and Lavender. Refreshing, light and super pretty.


Swipe wherever your need a refresher, or wherever you’d like to remove makeup!


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Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow Contour Duo: This product alone is more than the whole beauty box! Talk about value! And how freaking gorgeous is the packaging? Lily Lolo has some of my favourite, sleek and minimal packaging in the green beauty game.

So, let’s talk about this duo! An all natural, anti-aging, Argan oil and marine extract, pressed Sculpt and Glow kit, eh? (That was a mouthful!) The perfect duo, really! On the left side you have Sculpt: a skin-flattering (matte) bronzer that creates the most effortless contour. It’s smooth, not too intensely pigmented (so you don’t have to worry about swiping your brush and creating a harsh streak of contour) and just beautiful! Glow: this beautiful light-reflecting highlighter can be used sparingly for a subtle, fresh daytime glow or intensified for a luminous, killer evening look.

Below is the Sculpt (contour) swatch on the top, and the Glow (highlighter) swatch on the bottom. So subtle and beautiful, but totally buildable too!

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As per usual, I highly recommend signing up for this monthly beauty box subscription! It’s incredibly easy and takes almost no time at all – plus, you can cancel whenever your little heart desires! (But you won’t want to with products like these!) Head over to the Petit Vour website to get started!


You can find Petit Vour on:

Instagram: @petitvour

Twitter: @PetitVour






As always, a tune I’m loving right now, Girlpool – “Ideal World

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Here I am again, back at it with another Beauty Box from Petit Vour! I know, I know…I’m late…but hey, no worries because this post should give you a little taste of how awesome these monthly beauty box subscriptions truly are – then you’ll just have to sign up for next months box….and the following months ahead! ;) Never heard of Petit VourPV is a monthly subscription box that hosts some amazing non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products…for only $15! Each box comes packed with four deluxe-sized (and sometimes full-sized) products – which, I think is an awesome deal. Not to mention, you’ll discover some wonderful new brands that are safe for your face, body and more! Oh, and of course it comes with the cutest little description card, describing all of the products within the box – along with the perfect illustration by Mia Charro (which so happens to be an adorable mermaid print, for the month of June!) Love it! 

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