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I mean…can you even handle these gorgeous lipsticks right now? From the packaging, right down to the unique colours! These Axiology Natural Organic Lipsticks are to die for! Oh and I am convinced their creator and founder, Ericka Rodriguez is an angel! She is not only stunning, but has a heart of gold and is the loveliest, kindest soul. Don’t you just love when a company cares for your body, as much as they care for the environment? These lipsticks are formulated completely without chemicals or synthetics – I mean, why put a bunch of nasty stuff inside of what’s about to go on your precious lips?! (And get ingested too!) Instead, Axiology crafts them with a “harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients“. The results are stunning! Earth-based tones that dazzle, compliment and command attention. Not limited to just one skin type – but on every skin type and complexion, with a burst of vibrancy + moisture that lasts all day.

Packaging With a Purpose: When Ericka first visited the enchanting island of Bali, Indonesia, she discovered a boutique recycled paper store. After being impressed and moved by the women-run operation, Axiology’s packaged lipstick boxes were born! Get this – the paper used in our boxes is collected from all around the island – from hotels, offices and households – and is taken to a small factory. It’s then boiled down to a pulp, laid out to the sun to dry, and finally folded and decorated by hand. SO sustainable, SO great!


If that wasn’t enough..Axiology is committed to supporting the earth and the animals that walk it. They partner with organizations that heal the planet and save wild animals. They’re completely committed to donating 6% of their (currently 2015) profits to the Orangutan Foundation International. How wonderful! Another thing I love about Axiology and wanted to share is their philosophy, cus it’s so stinkin’ awesome:


we believe in love

We believe in a world where using an everyday luxury like lipstick doesn’t include polluting the planet, hurting its beings, or ingesting harmful chemicals through our skin.

We believe in creating a product from the purest ingredients available—so we can provide a brilliant end-result and support the courageous farmers who produce our raw materials.

We believe that love is integrity in action—and we let it guide our business.

we believe in truth

We believe in being conscientious about how our products are crafted, and in making an honest effort to source all of our ingredients from nature.

We believe that truth is a vital aspect of integrity, and that words such as “ethically sourced” and “all natural ingredients” are fundamental practices, not convenient marketing language.

We believe that our honesty earns our customers’ trust. We value that trust implicitly.

we believe in beauty

We believe this precious Earth is stunning—and we strive to add to that beauty with conscious actions.

We believe that our customers deserve to feel beautiful while also feeling ethical about their cosmetics choices.

We believe that real beauty is just that:
real ingredients, real people, real intentions.




Now that you’ve gotten a little rundown on the company, let’s chat about these three lipstick shades sent to me! Directly above from L-R we have: Reflection, Philosophy and Infinite. Seriously, Axiology has some of the most remarkable, distinct colours I’ve seen in the green beauty lipstick world – and with wonderful, organic, high quality ingredients such as Organic Candelilla Wax, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Mango Butter, Organic Avocado Butter, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, to name a few.


But before I get into these, let’s chat for a minute about the packaging. Sleek, gold, minimal – perfect. There’s a nice weightiness to the tube, yet not too much. It’s seriously the perfect balance. But let’s reeeeally get to the reason I’m about to rave about this company’s packaging…the way it opens. As you can maybe see from the photos above, the tube envelopes the lipstick – but how do you open it, you may ask? Well….first, I kind of just stood there trying to figure it out. I turned it upside down and somehow figured it out! You simply click the bottom of the tube and the lipstick pops out! It’s crazy brilliant! My friend Molly (who I have donned Molls) of Maison Pur said it right:

“very James Bond-esc.”

Also, if you follow her on Instagram, she posted a video showing the packaging there a few months back! So great! :)


Let’s start off with Reflection, a gorgeous magenta lip colour that glides on somewhat gloss-like, but then deepens with every application. Layer away and don’t worry! It’s way softer and warmer on the lips than viewed on their site! The scent of this lipstick, and all of Axiology’s lipsticks are from the sweet orange oil they add in their formulas – yummmm. I love wearing this colour with a bare face, or minimal makeup. However, with a dramatic eye, it’s KILLER too! It’s quite eccentric and vibrant, but in a demure kinda way…best of both worlds I’d say.


Next we’ve got Philosophy! A really pretty salmon, pinky-peach colour! The formula on this lipstick is sooooo ultra-smooth. Like all Axiology lipsticks, it feels like a dream! This colour brings life to the shyest of lips, with its soft, sweet and beautiful  flush of colour. It’s perfect for an everyday look or if you’re doing an intense eye and want to go a bit more natural on the lips.


Last, but definitely not least…Infinite! This one’s a doozy. A rich mulberry stain, somewhat balm-like and stunning! It’s actually Axiology‘s version of the famous “Black Honey” by Clinique. This lipsticks lends serious confidence, when wearing it. It’s an intense dark violet base, cheered with a subtle layer of black – I mean, doesn’t that just scream confidence? I love it. So great for the fall/winter season! But who am I kidding? I wear these shades year ’round. I’m a lipstick girl, if you couldn’t tell…;)


Below top to bottom: Infinite, Philosophy, Reflection.

You DEFINITELY want to follow Axiology Beauty’s social media accounts as they post gorgeous photos, have great little incentives (if you follow real closely..) and their blog is awesome! Check ’em out!


P.s. Anyone purchasing a lipstick will get a free peppermint orange lip balm with every purchase.


Instagram: @axiology_beauty

Twitter: @axiologybeauty







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