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Bombay Bicycle Club, LIVE!

Monday night I got to live my dream of finaaaaally seeing Bombay Bicycle Club live at Cat’s Cradle. It was everything, and waaaay more than I could have even imagined. They’vre hands down one of my favourite bands, and probably one of my favourite live shows…ever.


The band opened with “Overdone” and of course, they immediately commenced blowing my mind. This show was far from a soft lullaby to tuck the audience in for the night. The English band, with it’s typical warm tones and softer ballads, dashed all expectations of anyone who thought that’s what they were about, with a head-banging garage band persona. They closed with “Carry Me” and prior to that, “What If” – which is one of my all-time favourite older BBC songs, off their 2009 album “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose”.


I honestly don’t have any other words to say except THE SHOW WAS FREAKING AMAZING. It was insanely hot that day, (in the mid 90’s) and the venue didn’t really have any A/C going…so, everyone was drenched in their own sweat..GROSS, I know. It was so worth it though! Tons and tons of dancing – I mean, if you’re gonna sweat, at least do it right!


Here are some videos and photos from the show! Don’t mind the occasional shaky video..and lower quality iPhone pics..enjoy! :)


IMG_2512 IMG_2517 IMG_2522 IMG_2502 IMG_2506 IMG_2508



“What If”


“Lights Out, Words Gone”


“Whenever, Wherever”




“Your Eyes”


“It’s Alright Now”


(And a little bonus: Royal Canoe’s “Button Fumbla” – cus I have to rep my Canadians!)

Review: Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Angel Olsen. There’s no way I could full explain this musical songstress’ talent in just a couple of paragraphs. She is vulnerable, she is strong, she is sad, she is happy, she is emotion. Pure, raw, emotion. Today I wanted to cover her newest album that I’ve been playing quite a lot:

You know the feeling when you’re grasping on to the remains of a relationship? You hold their hand but you feel numb with regret? You lie in bed next to them but you’ve never felt so alone. Yeah, that feeling. Well, Olsen’s newest album “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” carries those latched-on feelings. Forgiven/Forgottens lyrics, even with its grunge tones and reverb, somehow remain at the forefront. Catchy but empty – uplifting yet incredibly wistful. Olsen performs these lyrics with such sincerity and only an atmospheric electric guitar for company…which again, just goes to prove the value of her raw, genuine artistry.


There seems to be a theme of importance on this album. Lights. ‘White Fire‘, ‘Lights Out‘, ‘Stars‘ and ‘Windows‘ (my personal favourite) all of which seem to speak of a transitional period. Turning off a light and ending something indefinitely, paired with the hope and new beginnings that a shining light brings. There’s something beautiful about it. Refreshing. Optimistic. Promising, and yet, it still cries out in desperation. Olsen’s emotionally overwhelmed mind of frantic thoughts and frustrations can be clearly seen in ‘Stars’: “I feel so much at once, that I could scream – I wish I had voice of everything – To scream the feeling ’til there’s nothing left“.


The album continues with melodic, hazy tunes; carrying in pretty acoustic numbers and doused into angrier, almost punk-influenced outputs. This album will make your heart swell and break synchronously, and ironically, it’ll make you feel less alone. It’s a “let me hold your hand, I know what you’re going through and am there for you” sorta album. Under the poppy exterior of ‘Hi-Five‘, she sings out “Are you lonely too? Hi-Five! So am I!” coaxing out an almost euphoric attitude to an undeniably saddening subject. Something only Angel could pull off.


Here’s a video from a live session she did back in January. It’ll leave you speechless, it’s that beautiful. Enjoy! Xo