The Sofa and Chair That Spark The Most Joy!

See what I did there? Spark joy? Joybird…yeah…okay bye forever!

Just kidding, just kidding! I’m here for a purpose and that’s to share with you my new living space and the prettiest pastel pink sofa and green chair ya ever did see! I’ve partnered with Joybird (whom you all know I love) in this sponsored blog post, to revamp my living room space! And girrrrl, am I ever excited about this!

If you follow me on Instagram…then you probably know that Davey and I moved into our first (owned) house last June! Woohoooo! I mean, it’s not without its ups and downs – trust me, home ownership is hard. But, I’ve been l o v i n g decorating and setting up our home to be the perfect representation of who we are. Now, mind you, I must first disclaim that my husband loves my style and lets me decorate how I see fit. So ultimately, it’s my vibe, but he loves it and supports it all! #blessed (amirite?!)

Anywho, all that aside, it’s been coming together so wonderfully and I am THE MOST STOKED on our living room. Which brings me to this post! When we moved into our home, the living room looked NOTHING like it does above! In fact…here’s a before visual for you (just to help it out a bit, I upped the exposure so more light would brighten up the room a tad – it was SAD without it):


When we first moved in! (LOL, clearly).

When we had fully unpacked, it looked a little something like the above four photos.

AKA a cluttered mess!

Once we got our lives together, we eventually worked on the layout and figured out the flow we dug best – the photo below best shows that! We wanted the living room sectioned off to have its own area – it’s such a large room that we decided to have the couch be the “divider” from the entry way to the piano area (above-photo). Aside from how desperately I wanted to replace the furniture, I couldn’t have been (and still am) happier with the flow. :)

It was all good ‘n pretty ‘n stuff, but then Joybird came into our lives and turned it upside down in the best way possible. Basically, it made my pink couch dreams come true, AND THEN SOME. The two Joybird pieces that rocked our world are from the Hughes Collection! A sleek, contemporary take on mid-century modern classics. You know I love my mid-century vibes! More specifically, their Hughes Grand Sofa and their Hughes Chair.

The delivery process was easy and straightforward – the delivery guys brought in the pieces of furniture, set it up for us (no mess of boxes, wrapping material or hassle for us) and voila! We were ready to lounge! ;)


Joybird Hughes Grand Sofa in Key Largo Blush with Mocha Legs

How dreamy is it!? In all of its pastel pink and pops of colour glory! Some days I just sit there and think “pinch me” this is my home?!

Like I said, pastel pink dreams come truuuuue! But besides the colour and aesthetic (which I’m clearly smitten with), Joybird also prides themselves on sustainability and eco-consciousness! Their frames are made with responsibly-sourced wood and kiln dried. Their legs are solid beech and the glue they use is water-based and low-VOC. As for the cushions and fabric covering, they use no flame retardants or harmful chemicals, and these specific fabrics I chose: Key Largo Blush and Key Largo Grass, are both produced in environmentally friendly mills. WINNING! Oh, and get this – even though this is a pale pink couch, (which, of course accidents happen) it’s magically sooooo easy to clean! Joybird has a whole section on their blog regarding the material your couch is made of and how to make a DIY natural cleaner specifically for it. (Mine needs to be water-based.) I’ve made it and it works LIKE A CHARM. A pale pink couch that is easy to clean and looks like a delicious piece of eye candy? I mean, does it get any better!? ;)

Joybird Hughes Chair in Key Largo Grass with Mocha Legs

You know, I’ve never really known what my decor style is? I’ve found myself sometimes calling it a kind of a mish-mash of mid-century modern, and Sammie-flair? See? Told ya I have no idea. But, I’d be curious to hear from any of you lovely readers who know more about decor and the different categories of home decor ‘styles’ what exactly my home decor vibe is. Please do let me know in the comments below if you have a chance!

I simply cannot say enough what an absolute joy (no pun intended) it’s been working with Joybird and having the chance to put to good use these two new pieces of gorgeous furniture! Not to mention, Davey’s finally got his own comfy reading chair, which he has wanted since we’ve been married LOL. So, a big thank you to Joybird for making the living room of our dreams come true!

I am curious to know, do you own any Joybird pieces? If so, which ones and how long have you had them? Let me know in the comments below! We can’t recommend them enough! They’re fairly priced, beautifully made, comfy and quite sturdy! TWO THUMBS WAY, WAY UP!

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This post is an unpaid sponsorship with Joybird. The products seen in photos above were sent to me to review and keep. As always, all thoughts expressed are honest and unique to my personal experience. FULL DISCLOSURE HERE.


  1. Lois January 29, 2019

    Stunning pieces! I will need to keep @joybird in mind for future pieces!! Thx for sharing.

  2. Meg Novotny January 29, 2019

    I’ll be moving into an apartment within the year! These joybird pieces are sooo pretty…

    • hullosam January 30, 2019

      Thank you! They’re so wonderful! Best of luck with the move! x


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