Cheer Up With These Pink Article Chairs (And A Gray Bench!)

Hi, I have pink chairs now – correction, Article Pink Lily Svelti chairs – am I cool yet? Um, c’mon, just LOOK AT THEM! Sleek, tapered black metal legs, high quality moulded seats…and yes, they’re comfy! They wouldn’t go in our dining room if not. I FREAKING LOVE THEM! They’ve completely brightened up my dining room and have brought joy and happiness to my home and life – ok, a bit overboard, but they’ve totally added a fun, cheery flair to our dining room!


Did I mention they’re deliciously pink and that I can’t stop staring at them?


This seat is just asking for you to sit in it…


Ahhh, a perfectly symmetrical and balanced dining room. Have you seen anything more beautiful?! Too much? Nah, not for me. I live for this room, for these incredible chairs that bring me happiness every time I pass by them or sit in them or photograph them, or just look at them with heart-shaped pupils.

In all seriousness though – and truly, this makes me sad to even write – these chairs don’t come in this pink anymore (cue violins and tears). However, there are four other colors that are quite delectable, if I do say so myself. There’s Pure White, Black, Aloe Green (drool) and Poolside Aqua – which makes me think of the band Aqua, which makes me immediately start humming Barbie Girl. TMI, sorry.

Alright, time to get to the boring (but important stuff), their specs…along with my side commentaries:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (That’s actually really great, right?! Not boring at all! You can use them inside AND outside! Or, you can get two sets for inside, and two sets for outside! This is easy to figure out own your own without me explaining it, isn’t it? Sorry, I’ll back off.)
  • Shipped in pairs (When I first saw this on their site, I thought it said Paris…cool story right?)
  • Simple assembly required (about 5 minutes) (I actually didn’t assemble them, so I wouldn’t know, but the guys who delivered them did it and did it FAST. So, there’s that.)
  • UV Resistant. (But still, when they’re not in use, keep ’em out of direct sunlight to preserve color. It’s like a fine wine, ya know?)
  • They weigh 10 pounds (aka they’re light and I could lift them in my sleep – but I don’t advise doing that.)


HEY! You still with me?

The Svelti chairs don’t end here! Yeah, there are more…in different styles, for different needs. (That kind of sounds weird?) Eh, anyways…13 pieces to be exact! Article’s got you COVERED! Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thinking about why I ever let my shoes touch our bedroom floor. (Yeah, I’m obsessive about no shoes in the house, but hey, gotta do it for the people!)

Wait a minute, there’s more!? I did say (AND A GRAY BENCH) in the header, didn’t I? Here she is! Yes, it’s a she…cus, I said so. 

Welcome to our bedroom, The Level Winter Gray Bench! Fun fact, I’ve always spelled it GREY, not GRAY. Is that a Canadian thing? Hmm, will we ever know? (You already probably do. Google is an amazing thing…)

Light, tufty and pretty darn comfy for a bench! It’s got that black steel deal (that rhymed) that I love so very much, with the COOLEST architectural bend! I mean, do YOU SEE IT?! It is art. Our bedroom is now an art gallery. We are so IN…not sure what we’re in, but we’re in something and it’s cool.

I’ve secretly always wanted a bench in front (or is it at the end?) of our bed and now all of my dreams have come true! I can sit on this bench and ponder my daily footwear choices…all while not messing up my perfectly made bed that I obsess over day in and day out. Anyone here an obsessive, perfectionist bedmaker? LIKE NOT ONE WRINKLE IS ALLOWED. Only me? Cool. Yeah, it’s fine. My husband loves it SO MUCH! Like, soooooo much. (Are you catching the sarcasm yet?)

As if this bench couldn’t get any better…get this: NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. HALLELUJAH!


Look at her sittin’ all purdy.

You’re still here? That’s it, I’ve dropped the mic, I’m done. I’ve shown you my babies and now you need to mosey on over to Article and swoon over these products – and every other product they create because…well, ARTICLE.

Oh yeah, and follow them too:


Twitter: @articlemodern





This post is an unpaid sponsorship with Article. The products seen in photos above were sent to me to review and keep. As always, all thoughts expressed are honest and unique to my personal experience. FULL DISCLOSURE HERE.


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