Ladies + Gents, meet bObi Kolk! The newest member of our family, created by bObsweep! Guess what? She’s easy to look after, clean – in fact, she cleans FOR US – helloooo! :) Now, all I need her to do is cook and fold our laundry. *DREAM WORLD*

You’ve probably seen and heard of robovacs here and there, they’re effective at picking up debris in tight corners and under furniture and such…but we also know them for repeatedly bumping into the wall as if it’s in a game of bumper-car. So, what sets apart the bObsweep from other robovacs, you may ask?  Good question! Let’s check out a bit of this bObsweep’s stats:

First off, this particular bObsweep, The bObi Classic (as seen in the photos throughout this post, and kindly gifted to me by the brand) is a Canadian robotic vacuum (YES, CANADA REPRESENT!) that became one of the first robovacs to offer not only sweeping but mopping features! As if it couldn’t get better, it also has a UV light which kills floor bacteria while a built-in HEPA filter traps harmful airborne particles. Annnnnnd bObi automatically knows when to go back to her charging station when she’s low on “juice”…pretty amazing.


bObi’s cleaning functions are found on the top of the unit with three touchscreen buttons (seen above in the first photo): GO, JUICE and WAFFLE.

  • GO button activates advanced moment algorithms to cover the most ground. So bObi will be cruisin’ across rooms, trailing along walls, edges and even extends her diameter until all debris is sucked up and dusted.
  • JUICE button locates the charging station and auto-recharges when her energy level hits 15%. Typically bObi will run for 60-90 minutes on one charge. It takes about 4-5 hours to recharge the unit after the first 12-hour out-of-the-box charge.
  • WAFFLE button targets a dense spill area. She traces a grid pattern on the spill zone to treat it with special attention – it looks kind of like she’s confused, but fret not, she knows just what she’s doing! ;)



I definitely couldn’t leave this amazing tidbit out, but bObi is safe for your home and the environment. She complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. What the heck is that? It means that every single one of her parts is completely free of hazardous materials that other robovacs may contain, such as that of lead, mercury, and cadmium! (Yeah, that’s in some vacs…nuts right?!)


Yes, you can program your bObi’s cleaning schedule on her remote so that she self-starts on the days you wish – even when you’re not home! Come home to spotless floors every time! I mean…does it get any better than that?!


bObi Classic’s 1-year warranty covers damages sustained in the manufacturing process, shipping process, or during bObi’s normal use. This warranty doesn’t cover her consumable parts, such as her brushes, filters, and batteries. It also doesn’t cover damages sustained while using third-party parts or accessories not directly sold by bObsweep. Bonus! Even after bObi’s warranty is over, bObsweep will continue to share her repair costs with you, regardless of the reason for damage. For a full 5 years, after you’ve purchased bObi, they’ll subsidize 25-50% of her repair costs.


Opening up bObi was a breeze, honestly! The owners manual, unlike many I’ve stared blankly at, was super easy to read! It includes tons of photos depicting on how to set it up and all that jazz! Great for a visual person like myself, thank goodness! I’ve had bObi Kolk now for a few weeks and she’s been great! We’re in the process of moving and there has been a lot of dust and messes being made. She’s easily picked up any spills/crumbs and dusted it off like it’s nothing (see what I did there?)…lol sorry. I empty her bin after one-two cleaning jobs (depending on big of a job it was). You can also run bObi’s bin under running water to give her a little shower!  I love having her around because I can literally type up this review right now and clean the floors at the same time. It’s a WIN-WIN!

bObi is available in three colours: white, red and silver. It can be purchased on Amazon, and some other retail outlets. (But personally, Amazon is the best deal and I’ve added it to my Amazon store as well!)


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