Inspiring Interviews Series II: Anastacia Skin Studio + My Experience with Micropigmentation

Who doesn’t enjoy some well-deserved skin lovin’? I love interviewing indie business owners! Each person has a moment in their life when they’re forced to make a decision and they choose the path most difficult – simply because they dream bigger than they live. Anastacia’s Skin Studio is Nashville’s best-known hot-spot for organic spray tanning, waxing, micropigmentation (aka microblading) and more! Stace (Anastacia) and I have been friends for almost 5 years or so and I’ve seen her business grow incredibly well. She’s an amazing business woman and she totally knows what she’s doing. She literally geeks out over the science behind skin and the cosmetic aspects of it..I mean, I trusted her to microblade my brows! You don’t just let anyone do that! ;)

Since I had last been there – years prior – I hadn’t seen the studio’s new layout and the design of the space was super cute! Cozy, trendy and modern with amazing green touches – yes, I’m talking plants galore. That’s one way to win me over! ;) (Plant lover extraordinaire over here!)  Anyways, most of you have followed my little brow micropigmentation escapade on Instagram stories for a couple of months (sorry it takes awhile and I wanted these babies to 100% heal!) and I’m excited to finally share my interview with Anastacia and have her share her story, a bit about the Studio and its services, plus answer some of the questions you had regarding this process – including my thoughts and experience! So, without further ado, here it is!

How long have you owned the Studio space and was it always called Anastacia Skin Studio?

Anastacia: I have owned the Studio for 8 years now! I don’t even remember how to do anything else at this point. I originally named it Tanastacia. The first year I was only offering spray tans while I finished Aesthetics school. After that I was able to offer more services which meant a name change was in order.

From the moment you walk in the door at Anastacia Skin Studio, the atmosphere is decidedly stylish and inviting. Modern furnishings, greenery in almost every corner, natural organic accents and trendy magazines laid out. It’s serene and professional and yet, still incredibly chic. I’m curious, where’d you draw influence upon for your space?

Anastacia: It’s my second home so I want to be surrounded by things that make me happy and express our personal vibes. We take our services seriously, but never want to be too “sterile” or “dull”.

Why did you choose the 8th Ave South, Nashville location for Studio? Do you have plans of expanding?

Anastacia: Before this location, I was renting a closet-sized room inside of two hair salons and jumping from one to the other every 2 days. I originally found another space on 8th Ave and the day I was to sign the lease they backed out due to them not understanding our concept. Driving and crying I was at the stop light and looked over to see a for rent sign. I parked. Called the realtor. Put a deposit down. Had two weeks to make it all happen!

What is your favourite aspect of being a small business owner? What is your least favourite aspect?

Anastacia: Being creative. The ability to bring my dog to work if I wanted to! Being able to meet so many amazing clients and introduce them to my products. My least favorite would definitely be dealing with money, taxes, and conflicts.

How would you describe your clientele?

Anastacia: My clientele ranges from 16-70! That’s what I love about what we do here…we have something for everyone. I have clients who’ve been coming to the Studio since day one. They have seen all the changes and have always been supportive.

What sets you apart from other wax studios and skincare salons in the loop?

Anastacia: We offer 6 different wax options based on area, skin type, allergies, and preference. I have some of the best local waxers who really know what they are doing! Our skincare services are results driven and customized for each client. We don’t do the traditional facial and focus on educating clients on what is going on with their skin.

What drove the decision to develop your own line of skincare products and makeup, rather than carrying the typical skin care spa / dermatologist office brands?

Anastacia: Since I was a little girl I have always created my own version of something. I’ve dreamed of creating a skincare line since the doors open. Each babe that works for me was involved in choosing the best we could provide for our clients.

You offer a lot of natural, organic based skin services* – for example your organic spray tanning, and even your setting dust which is organic cocoa powder (so great)! Why is this important to you and how does it get implemented in your services?

Anastacia: Spray tanning is the way to go for a glow! We all know sun exposure is unhealthy so this is a great option for those wanting to get a little bronze. Doing it with an organic solution is even better. We use an organic solution that’s a sugar-based product. This lightly oxidizes on the skin after a few hours giving the skin some extra color.

*DISCLAIMER: not all of the studio’s products are 100% natural and organic – but not everyone is the same, and I love that they strive for natural and believe in using better ingredients!

Anastacia’s list of services

What services seem to be trending the most since you’ve opened your doors?  

Anastacia: Our brow collection has been nonstop! However, it seems our most popular skincare items have been Face Jam, Green Eyes, and Oil Over. Which are some of my favorites!!

What is micropigmentation? What’s it involve and what is the ink/dye you use?

Anastacia: This is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It doesn’t go as deep into the dermas as traditional tattoos and this is why it’s called “semi-permanent”. We use a hand method tool creating soft hair strokes with disposable blades and organic (plant-based) pigment.

I’ve had a lot of followers ask if it hurts like a tattoo and what tool you use to deposit the colour?

Anastacia: Pain is all based on each clients pain tolerance so it’s different for everyone. We use disposable blades on each client.

My answer: I’d say for me it was a 7 on a scale of 1-10 (in the first half) and then after the numbing cream, about a 3 – and I’d say it’s close to getting a tattoo, without the buzzing of the ink-pen (for me personally).

How long does Micropigmentation last? Are touch-ups necessary after the brows heal?

Anastacia: Results vary on skin type, care, lifestyle. Touch ups are great for clients with oily skin or those needing more density to their brows after their first session.

My answer: In my experience, now that they are fully healed, I don’t really think I need a big touch-up yet. I can wake up and go with minimal filling! (If I want a more bold brow ya know?) It’s awesome. I sometimes do fill in some tiny little sparse areas, but it’s cut my getting ready by like 15 minutes!

Here are my before and afters! The after is super bold because it’s obviously fresh. Once it heals, it fades and becomes more natural and less “blocky”. The final result is the photo below the before/afters. :)

The final result! I fill it in just a bit, some people need touch-ups, some don’t feel the need. At this point, I’m super content – but whenever I head back to Nashville, I’ll definitely be getting some touch-ups! :)

Do you have a price chart for the service? Is it worth the amount of money paid?

Anastacia: Prices are all listed online on our website. We have 3 (4th coming soon) artists and prices vary between us. I’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t happy!

My answer: Yes, ABSOLUTELY – save up those pennies ladies, cus if you’re as sparse as I was, this is a GAME. CHANGER.

What results/benefits could a client expect to see from micropigmentation vs. brow tinting or filling them in themselves with a brow pencil?

With micropigmentation a client will have waterproof, smear proof, and semi-permanent results. Bow tinting is great for those who already have fuller or content with their brows but need a little extra color. Do both and have the ultimate brows! :)

And finally – any takeaway tips you can offer readers for caring for their body/skin each day?

Wash your face every night! Don’t skip out on a good night moisturizer and apply any extra down on your neck or back of hands. These are areas most people ignore and show signs of aging first. I could go on and on and on…

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Thanks so much for tuning in to this special Interview with Anastacia and her awesome Nashville Skin Studio! If you’d like to follow Anastacia Skin Studio on social, I’ll link that below so you can do so:

Instagram: @anastacia_skin_studio

Twitter: @ANASTACIA_Skin



If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the comments below! I love hearing from you! Stay tuned for more awesome interviews with amazing, inspiring people, coming to a future near you! ;)

Enjoy these extra photos of the studio! x


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  1. Colletta Lois May 26, 2017

    I will go there in a heartbeat! Amazing and your brows look phenomenal. 💓

  2. Sally Mitchell July 25, 2017

    I love the part that they educate their customers on what their skin needs. We all know that different people have unique skin care type and knowing how to handle and take care of your skin is important to keep it healthy and smooth. The pictures of the studio look really nice. My sister will love this place. By the way, do they offer a franchise for this type of business?

    • hullosam July 26, 2017

      Hi! Isn’t it awesome? They’re passionate about it too! So great.
      Hmmm, no, not at the moment! :)


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