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Video Of The Week With Betty Who

I really don’t have to say much about this video of the week. Betty Who absolutely melts all hearts with this exclusive version of her song “Silas”. It’s heart-wrenchingly beautiful!


Enjoy! Xx



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Video Of The Week: Låpsley – Painter (Valentine)


Guys, if you’ve ever been in love, ever been heartbroken by a breakup or just bummed over something relationship related – you’ll get this video. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. No, I’m not emo, I just love the way this UK-based artist portrays it all. ;)



So, enjoy it – Låpsley – Painter (Valentine) Official Video:


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Video of the Week – Kimbra “90’s Music”


Ya’ll…this is probably one of my favourite (visually more than anything) music videos right now. Like, hands down so out there and colourful and loud. Not to mention I haven’t  been able to get the song out of my head. So catchy! I love me some Kimbra.


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Have a great Wednesday! xx

Playlist No. 20



This weeks playlist is mostly really beautiful vocals, some folk, and then maybe a random song or two that aren’t at all what you’d think would be in this playlist..haha. I am really loving Julie Byrne right now, her voice is angelic – definitely listen to more of her stuff if you get a chance!


Have a wonderful Monday!

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Video Of The Week – “Sweet Disposition” Cover


Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m super excited to share this video of the week with you! It’s my cousin Alex’s band Gypsies and Gentleman and their cover of The Temper TrapsSweet Disposition“. It is REALLY GOOD too! My favourite cover of the song – and I am being as unbiased as possible – to this date. His vibrato and range is ridiculous, and the band is crazy talented! So proud of him (them all) and everything he’s done with this band!


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Playlist No. 19


Happy Monday, sunshine heads! Here are some of my faves right now, and some more random jams I like at the moment!


Hope you enjoy today’s playlist, and have a beautiful day!


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Video of the Week: HalfNoise – “Mountain”


Hey everyone! I’m really excited about today’s Video of the Week – it’s killer.   If you’re familiar with Zac Farro, you know he’s always been a drummer. However, he recently dove into a different role, writing and recording for his new project HalfNoise – and it’s AWESOME. Atmospheric, a bit ambient, sometime’s mellow – comparable to Mew & Radiohead (for me, it’s the most influence I see)…all while clinging onto the sound of heavy drums and a musical expression that surpasses most. I won’t even try to explain it all myself, cus Zac does that perfectly here:


As many of you may know, I am usually a drummer. But a few years ago I decided to see what writing and recording my own music would be like, HalfNoise. I made an EP in my house with a producer (Daniel James) and did a bit of touring. However it wasn’t until I played a few shows in New Zealand and spent a few months there that I really realised my passion.


In August of 2013, I went back to New Zealand and spent 7 months writing and recording the new HalfNoise album with my friend (producer) Daniel James. I wanted to experience life somewhere other than Nashville, Tenn and wanted to know how my writing would change being in such an amazing and beautiful place. I knew the trip would be exciting, but didn’t know it would be as life changing for me as it was. The people I met and the places where I visited/recorded were unlike any others Id seen before, and having toured for many years of my life I thought I had seen a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to write the album I did had I not spent that time there. The Album is called “Volcano Crowe” because we recorded the album at the bottom of a volcano and my friend Rowan Crowe was the reason I visited New Zealand in the first place. 


Mountain is the first song I completed there, So I thought it would be fitting to share first.


Thank you for watching!  


•Zac Farro


(source: YouTube account / video posted below)

Video Directed By Aaron Joseph


Instagram – halfnoisemusic / zacfarro
Twitter – halfnoisemusic / zacfarro