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Dusty Girls Makeup: Full Review

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No, this is not about girls covered in dust……haha. Sorry. Hold onto your britches cus this post is probably one of my favourite reviews I’ll do regarding affordable, AMAZING makeup!


Dusty Girls is an Australian company based out of Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. They create Natural Mineral Makeup from quality, safe and effective ingredients that encourage and promote healthy skin so that you can look your best even when your makeup comes off. Dusty Girls is ‘farmed by MooGoo‘, an all-natural skincare company that makes products for people with sensitive skin issues. (Aka me…)


Dusty Girls believes that the skin always looks better after a day spent in the country, which inspired them to develop a range of makeup using natural clays and minerals of the earth. Their makeup is designed for all skin-types and is especially beneficial for gals with troubled or irritable skin – but is also an awesome choice for those wanting products that are actually good for the skin, rather than toxic and harmful…cus that ain’t gonna fly.

So, let’s get started with my favourite product (don’t get me wrong, I love  all of them, but this one…man, it’s good.)

Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer

The “Sunshine” bronzer is made to suit all skin tones. It’s a warm, glowing, not too glittery formulation – don’t worry, the glittery part isn’t scary – trust me, I would stay away if it was glittertastic! Depending on your skin colour, this will determine the amount of product you apply, as this bronzer has quite the pigment! Let me explain. :) So, I’m quite fair and if I want a sunkissed-beachy look, what I will do is lightly dust my brush onto the bronzer and then apply/blend it to the areas where the sun would naturally touch. What I love about this bronzer is that it not only gives you that sunkissed look, but it allows contouring of the facial features to give you that healthy outdoorsy look as well!


Dusty Girls don’t think there is a need for talc or bismuth in a bronzer – amen! I mean, who wants skin irritation?! Not me! So they figured out a way to provide the same function by naturally using ingredients such as Jojoba and Macadamia oil esters, micas and oxides. Ladies, this bronzer is seriously the best. I can’t rave enough about this product, I don’t know where I’d be without it! GET IT!!!!

Next we have the lovely…


Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream

Oh my lands, I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is a tinted moisturizer containing natural ingredients to combat acne prone skin (which, I don’t necessarily have – but it doesn’t hurt to prevent any spots!), as well as offering sun protection throughout the day.  It is free of any silicones and UV filters (as these are common skin irritants). Instead, Dusty Girls included natural ingredients like Manuka Tree Leaf Oil and Nigella Sativa Oil (great for reducing acne) along with Magnolia Acuminata Extract and Chaulmoogra Tree Seed Oil (idea for soothing and repairing). I think the best about this stuff is that it will replace your moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in one application!


Much like a bb cream, this “Earth Cream” feels like nothing on the skin. It’s lightweight, made with great ingredients, comes in the best little packaging with A PUMP – YES!!! – and oddly enough, I like the scent of it too! It kind of smells like clay/earthy minerals…I dunno, call me weird, but it’s pleasant to my nose. This “Earth Cream” provides light to medium coverage – depending on how much you apply – and it gives you a beautiful light glowy satin finish (does that make sense? It just looks luminous and natural..). You can get this in two shades, light and medium (I own the light) and this caters for most skin tones. I promise! It may look dark on your finger, but it rubs in quite clear and miraculously evens out your complexion. Make sure to start with less than a pea size amount.


It’s so nice to know that wearing this cream not only gives you coverage, but your skin is also being cared for and not clogged or damaged in the long-run. Love, love, love this product!

Natural Mineral Bush in ‘Pink Ladies’
If you’re looking for a healthy flush of pink that screams fresh and youthful, this is your friend! Full of the healthiest natural oils, oxides and micas available, this blush will nourish your skin while adding a subtle sparkle that will make your smile even brighter than it already is! Again, there’s no need for yucky chemical preservatives, talc or bismuth, Dusty Girls is all about clean, non-toxic and good ingredients for your skin and body!


The Mineral Blush does come in two shades, Pink Ladies (which I have, and is pictured above) and Golden Delicious.  I think that ‘Pink Ladies‘ is a shade that will suit most ladies. It’s very pigmented, so use a light hand when applying it, or, if you prefer something a little more powerful…build it up for a really nice rosy cheek!

Last, but certainly not least…


Argyle Pink” Natural Mineral Lip Shine

What goes on the lips gets eaten! The common internet rumour is that on average we eat 3 kilos of lipstick in a lifetime, nobody knows for sure, really. But we do know that what we put on our lips can (and will) accumulate in our bodies. Good thing that Dusty Girls use food based ingredients that they are are proud to show on their website, as well as the awesome packaging.


Here are some of the ingredients they do not use:

Carmine: also called cochineal extract or natural red 4 or even “natural colour”. This red pigment is made from boiled Cochineal beetles, and let’s be real, I am NOT a fan of bugs. Dusty Girls have worked hard to find a way to make a natural non-beetle pink lip stick and this is the result!


The influence for this gorgeous rosy shade was the pink Argyle Diamond form Western Australia. This lip shine not only gives you a natural pink rosy shade of colour but also conditions and moisturizes your lips too – my lips don’t feel dry EVER when I’m wearing it! The lip shine is made from some lovely oils such as Apricot Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oils. Again, there is absolutely no lead, no carmine (beetles), just heaps of natural rosiness. It’s a good one, gals! :)

If you’re keen on following Dusty Girls on their social medias (their IG feed is SO pretty!)..click to follow/like below:

Instagram: @dustygirlsmakeup

Twitter: @dustygirls



**ALL PHOTOS (with the exception of the first one pictured at the top) ARE FROM OTHER BLOGGERS/DUSTY GIRLS WEBSITE. Links to their blog posts have been attached to each photo that isn’t mine. :)




This tune by MØGEN – “Anchor” is SO good. Enjoy! :)

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Antonym Cosmetics


I’m excited to talk to you all today about this US-based boutique brand Antonym Cosmetics! It was founded by a French born makeup artist, Valarie, who believes natural make-up can not only make you looking stunning, but it can be skin-friendly as well! Today, Antonym is an eco-luxe brand that is growing a niche presence in the US market and has also expanded to Australia and New Zealand.


What makes them Green?

  • Ecocert Certified Makeup with organic ingredients (Ecocert certifies that a brand’s products use natural and/or organic ingredients and that a company practices strict standards of quality control to ensure environmentally respectful manufacturing,packaging and storage. Click here to read more.)
  • Vegan certified brushes: no animal testing and do not contain any animal products.
  • Support and donate to organizations that promote ecological awareness.
  • All compacts and brush handles are made with bamboo which is a natural and sustainable material.

I am excited to share with you my thoughts on the products sent to me from Antonym! They’ve been so, so great in my makeup kit!


Antonym Organic Baked Blush “Rose”:

I must say their bamboo compact caught my eye immediately, with its eco luxe vibe, and I LOVE the magnetic closure with the large, deep-set mirror – for touch-ups on the go. The formula of this blush starts as a creme that is then baked in terracotta pans in a process that naturally binds it into its domed shape. This process transforms into a fine, silky powder with a buildable, transparent finish. The blush is mesmerizing to look at with its marbled combination of several shades of rose, and some other pinkish hues. Because of how the colours are marbled together, this blush packs a few color options into one compact, so you can really tailor your look to your liking. It even looks great on the eyes! In fact, Antonym has a look right now that you can achieve using this blush! (Click HERE to view)


Antonym Baked Blush “Rose”

Antonym Natural Lipstick Pencil in Pinkish:

This has quickly become a favorite and a great addition to my makeup-up kit. It’s long-lasting waterproof formula and awesome natural ingredients (100% natural with over 14% of its ingredients derived from organic farming) allow this lipstick to glide on smoothly, and it provides moisture thanks to the sunflower oil and shea butter in it. This lipstick pencil offers precise, professional application and definition, which I love!I would say Pinkish is a little bit shimmery (but I can totally handle it) and it leans more towards a dark pink/coral. The formula is super long-lasting, so it stays put, but yet looks feminine, beautiful and understated all on its own.

Antonym Lipstick Pencil in Pinkish

“Pinkish” swatched


Antonym Lipbrush in #15:

This Lip Brush is essential for precision application, as well as prolonging the life of your lipstick. The plump, synthetic bristles are super soft and luxurious, they are comparable to the finest natural bristles. I love that the brush handle is made of sustainable bamboo with light weight, black aluminum ferules – honestly, it’s the most sleek and prettiest lip brush I’ve ever owned.

If you like this brush, well..it doesn’t stop there! Antonym has a full collection of 20 vegan makeup brushes that I know every makeup artist (and non-makeup artists) would love to own! Those wooden handles…ahhh, I just love ’em. I can’t wait to expand my collection of Antonym brushes in the near future!

Want to follow Antonym Cosmetics online? Check out their:


Instagram: @antonymcosmetics

Twitter: @beAntonym






THIS SONG! Susanna and the Magical OrchestraLove Will Tear Us Apart

It’s been on repeat a lot lately…the cover is absolutely flawless! The Rhodes, the vocals – totally swoon-worthy. Enjoy!

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Gabriel Cosmetics – Zuzu Luxe Palette

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Zuzu Luxe “Peep Show” palette


If you’re in the market for a really awesome cruelty-free, gluten-free, and toxic-free neutral palette with a pop of colour (a sizzling gold/yellow shade) – this Zuzu Luxe “Peep Show” Palette by Gabriel Cosmetics is totally for you! It’s been a go-to for me lately, as I love the deeper bronzy/chocolate colours! I love a great summery palette and this one definitely achieves that sun-kissed, summer-look!


I really enjoy mixing and matching the super blendable shadows. I apply it with a dry brush for soft day time eye look, or I use a damp brush for a more bold, intense look. It’s however you wish to do it – I personally like to mix the two techniques! The whole palette contains natural ingredients including Titanium Dioxide which functions as a natural sun block. So, you’re not only making your eyes stand out, but you’re protecting them too in the process. Win/win!


The Zuzu Luxe Peep Show Palette comes with 4 different eyeshadow shades. They are:


Peep Show Shadow Colors
Amber – Sizzling Gold
Toasted – Warm Brown/shimmer
Velvet – Deep Brown/shimmer
Nude – Neutral Ivory


Peep Show Powder Color
Translucent – sheer setting powder that leaves skin with a flawless finish (this stuff does some serious mattefying of the skin too, if you have any shine!)

Peep Show Blush Color
Bitten – neutral red for perfectly flushed cheeks (almost as if someone pinched you – in a good way!)

Zuzu Luxe “Peep Show” palette: Nude all over the lid and inner corner of eyes.  Amber on the center of the lid and added more depth/saturation with damp brush.

All in all, I highly recommend picking up one of these palettes, whether it be Peep Show, or one of their other palettes Gabriel Cosmetics will not steer you the wrong way with their high quality, beautifully blendable and pigmented eye colours, blush and powder.


You can follow Gabriel Cosmetics on:

Instagram: @gabrielcosmetic

Twitter: @gabrielcosmetic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gabrielcosmeticsinc

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gciinspiration/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GabrielCosmeticsInc


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Monday!! Xo


I am currently LOVING this new artist, Amber Bain. She goes by The Japanese House and this 19-year-old London-based singer is blowing me out of the water with her atmospheric 80’s-esque synths and warm, dream-pop sounds. They totally wash over you and make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of an ocean as waves crash in around you. Or, at least to me it does…check it out! ;)


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Alima Pure, Purely Magical

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You know when you love a song so much, you put it on repeat and enjoy it until you seemingly can’t anymore? Well, Alima Pure‘s products have pretty much done that for me. I don’t even think I’d ever get tired of it…truly. The pigment, the ingredients, the overall packaging – THE QUALITY. Good heavens, you guys. They’re amazing. It not only feels great ON my skin, but I know that it is great FOR my skin, and body! If you’re keen on knowing more about what Alima Pure does, the heart and soul (plus ingredients) behind their organic products – read more HERE.


Georgia (left) and Emma (right)

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So, here we are again. Talkin’ lipsticks, blush and brush, this time. Some of the essentials that I can’t do without! The lipsticks seen above are “Georgia” and “Emma” (click on the link to see all six of their available gorgeous lip shades). I’ve also swatched them on my arm (below) and have as well posted pics of them on mah lipz (sorry, couldn’t help it). I am smitten with these cool toned pinky colours!


Georgia is the perfect vibrant raspberry shade. It stains the lips so beautifully that the colour lasts for hours! It’s quite the pop of colour on your lips! Super rockstar in my opinion. Not to mention it glides on smoothly and is a lovely velvety finish.


Emma is a lovely neutral flushed pink. A bit more muted, for those of you who aren’t all about the pop of raspberry that Georgia provides. Just like its sister, Emma provides a long lasting and velvety smooth finish. I just adore it – adore these lipsticks!


Georgia (top) and Emma (bottom)



(Georgia)  IMG_6906




As if those beauties above weren’t enough, let’s talk about how amazing their Satin Matte Blush in Mimosa is! The perfect flush of soft peachy rose! It, to me, almost acts as a bit of a bronzer because of the warmth the peachy tone lends to it. So beautiful!


I applied this gorgeous shade of blush with Alima’s #7 Half Moon Brush, the softest, most amazing little guy! It is the perfect size, easy to hold, and the silky tapered bristles make this brush ideal for blending, highlighting, and contouring. Also, the bristles are 100% cruelty-free Taklon fiber. The first moment I took this brush out of its packaging, I just ooh’d and ahh’d over how soft it was – probably one of the softest contouring/blush brushes I own!



(Mineral Satin Matte Blush in Mimosa)

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(#7 Half Moon Brush)



(Mimosa seen on my cheeks, applied with the #7 Half Moon Brush)Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


Alima, you’ve outdone yourselves. I am completely taken with your products, quality and commitment. Can’t wait to continue adding on to my collection!


If you’re interested in following Alima Pure, getting more info on their products, following them on social media, etc..you can do so by clicking the links below!

Instagram: @alimapure

Twitter: @alimapure

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alimapure


And, as per “A Musical Mind” – here is one of top played songs of the week! Big Data – Automatic ft. Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak‘s lead singer!)

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Thanks for reading/listening and have a lovely Sunday! Xo


SPECIAL POST FRIDAY! Freestyle Salon Shoot

Happy Friday everyone!


So, this isn’t music related – sue me – but I just HAD to post these awesome photos taken by the talented Brooke Smith! It was a fun freestyle shoot that I had the opportunity to do makeup on! Lizzy Rivera did hair, cus she’s a hair wizard. The beautiful Coryn modeled, and well, it was a blast! Such a great team of women. Here, let the photos speak for themselves!