Dark lips are backkkk! Is this exciting or what? I mean, for a lipstick lover like myself, it sure is! Not much into dark lips? Don’t worry, there are neutral eyes to look forward to. Plus, I’ve got options for ya!

Word to the wise: before you decide to rock a deep, vampy lip, make sure you’re timing it right. So don’t plan on wearing that dark lip when going out to eat pizza or eating corn-on-the-cob haha! Also, vampy lips are high maintenance, and you’ll definitely need to touch up and reapply throughout the day if you want the look to last. So keep these tips in mind!

One of my favourite shades that I come back to again and again during the fall season is Nu Evolution’s Feisty, a rich, dark purple. Lightly dabbed on the lips, this lipstick creates a gorgeous berry stain!

Layer it on, and you’ll be looking at some deep, dark vampy lips in no time! If you’re into lining your lips (which is great for whenever you’re wearing a bold colour), I’d say before you put on the lipstick is the time to do it. Also, you can avoid a messy presentation by lining your lips after your lipstick has been applied.

Take note that darker lip shades can also give your lips the appearance that they’re thinner than they really are, so if they’re already on the thin side… overdraw the line just a bit so you don’t shrink them even more.

One of my favourite pairings with a deep, vampy lip is glossy lids. I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s the editorial feel of it, but I adore it! Glossy lids are definitely not for the faint of heart, so take caution when doing this look: There will be creasing. There will be a weird feeling on your lids from the gloss, but it’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion. ;)

The gloss I used for this look is ILIA Beauty’s White Rabbit Lip Gloss! Yes, LIP gloss! That’s the beauty of green, nontoxic cosmetics. You can (most of the time) apply them on your eyes, lips, cheeks and more! The gloss has a gold glimmer, and a slight shimmer (that rhymed). With organic ingredients like Castor Seed Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Fruit, and Vitamin E… your eyes (or lips, or both) will be very hydrated and lookin’ shiny and of course, glossy!

Top off this eye look with gorgeous, full lashes using the Fitglow Beauty’s GoodLash Mascara. This stuff is amazing! It’s a 3-in-1 vegan mascara that amplifies lash volume and length all while nourishing your lashes with incredible botanical extracts and plant protein to promote lash health and growth. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and it applies like a dream.

The wand/brush is my favourite too! Super fat toward the end for long, thick lashes and then it tapers to the top for those inner corners, shorter lashes. You’ll have some va-va-voom lashes with this amazing product! ;)

Another option for those of you who aren’t into glossy lids would be a neutral eye. Either nothing on the eye at all, and just a bit of mascara, or a great neutral like Kjaer Weis Charmed all over the lid (with nothing else) would be perfect!

Not really into the whole vampy, deep purple lip? Browse our selection of beautiful lip products in various shades!


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