BRIGHTEN CHALLENGE with Art of Organics + Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Happpppy September! I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to finally share with you this months Art of Organics + Laurel Whole Plant Organics September Clean Beauty Box collaboration! This Clean Beauty Box – through the Art of Organics monthly subscription- is incredible and particularly special as I had the chance to test it for about 6 weeks (3 times a week or so)  to see how my skin took to it.  As you can see in the photos below, it also came with a gorgeous masking brush and perfectly sized masking bowl! Let’s just say this may be one of my new favourite masks, and I know you want to know why…it’s why we’re here, no? ;)

Introducing the Brighten Facial Mask! First off, let me just start by saying…it truly is an incredible product. Of course, seeing as how Laurel Whole Plant Organics can do no wrong! I love every product I’ve used by Laurel – she’s the real deal when it comes to green beauty. She’s super knowledgable with whole, local, organic plant ingredients…their purpose, sourcing them and more! The ingredients in Brighten are insanely pure, quality, organic and potent (in the best way)!

Here are just a few of the ingredients used: Rosehip Fruit, Gota Kola, Frankincense, Camu Camu and Carrot Seed! All of these help in targeting hyper pigmentation, stimulating collagen, brightening and soothing the skin, lightening hyper-pigmentation which in turn helps restores skin tone and more!

Since this mask is dry, it has incredible nutrient density and no water added to the mix means it keeps the delicate enzymes and acids (vitamin c) a lot more ‘vibrant’ (potent and much more efficient) without added water.  The scent of this mask is vibrant on its own too! It’s citrusy, fresh, herbal and just plain lovely. This mask is not your smooth clay-type mask you’re probably used to…it’s definitely got a personality! I’d compare it to tea…you have to let the contents of the mask steep in some hot water for a few minutes and it becomes a sort of watery/herbal paste! I love it! The brush works beautifully with the consistency you’re supposed to get when mixing it up (properly at that..definitely watch the video below for proper application and usage).*

This mask does what it says, and more! Just from the first use, my skin actually appeared brighter, more even and yes, clearer! It glowed! Felt smooth and soft, not dry at all! It helped with a lot of the redness I get from dry patches on my face, and made my skin look (and feel) happier! Imagine after my 6 weeks was up (don’t worry, I’m still using it and plan on continuing to)…I can’t get over how amazing this mask is and how my skin adores it!

I highly recommend this Clean Beauty Box! It’s just $39/month (well exceeding the contents value of $116!) and it’ll be around until the end of the month until it is sold out! So…don’t waste any time! This is such an amazing deal for such an incredible product that produces such quick and significant results!



*Laurel explains the Brighten mask, its ingredients and how to mix it up below:

This post is an unpaid collaboration with Art of Organics and contains affiliate links. The Clean Beauty Box with product contents was sent to me to review. As always, all thoughts expressed are honest and unique to my personal experience.

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