Petit Vour’s October 2016 Beauty Box


I’m always excited to announce Petit Vour‘s Beauty Boxes, but this month is somethin’ real special. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s a full size lipstick in there…you know me, I love my lipsticks! Or maybe it’s a combination of that and the rest of the amazing products –  of course it is! ;) Either way, you’re going to love Petit Vour. I mean, how could you not? It’s a monthly subscription box that contains amazing vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty products…for only 15 bucks! Say what, Sammie?! That’s amazing! Yeah, I know..wait until you see what incredible products you’re getting! The beauty box comes delivered with four deluxe-sized (and sometimes full-sized, hence the lipstick this month) products. Are you sold yet? Okay…sit tight because I’m about to show you what’s in this months box!


This months theme was: “The most coveted natural powerhouses for hydrating, replenishing & stopping traffic.” I love it. The description card that comes in your beauty box is newly and beautifully illustrated by Niina Pechkovskaya, and every product received is listed on it.


First on the list: A full size Red Apple Lipstick in Oh My Guava. I absolutely LOVE this lip colour and formula. I had never tried a Red Apple Lipstick before, but I have heard SO many great things about this company and their line of lipsticks. I mean just head to their site and at the bottom of this lipstick you’ll find this:


That’s a pretty impressive list that I can 100% get behind! Let’s talk about the shade and formula, because Oh My! (pun..) it’s pretty amazing! Oh My Guava is a nude with a hint of pink in it. There’s no shimmer, no gloss – just a creamy, velvety formula that glides on beautifully. The lipstick doesn’t really have a scent. I’d say that it smells like your typical non-scented classic lipstick. I love that this lip can be worn in the daytime for a pretty, soft look or at night with a bold, smoky or graphic eye! Like I said above, lipsticks are my thing…I love ’em!



Gently, but oh so fiercely, apply your lipstick from the tube itself or with a lip brush. (I’m a from-the-tube gal!)


Next, we’ve got a lovely bath + body oil! Apoterra Skincare TULSI Rejuvenating Oil with lavender and evening primrose. (I know, just those ingredients alone are enough to peak my interest!) This body oil is lightweight, delivering essential fatty acids that immerse and rejuvenate your skin and senses with a balancing and calming aromatherapy.


Its ingredients of Sunflower oil, evening primrose and olive oil make this body oil easily absorbent. It sinks in deep, preventing transepidermal water loss, improving elasticity, and maintaining your skins proper barrier function.  An interesting fact about Tulsi, is it’s also known as the “Elixir of Life” because of its healing powers. With its unique and intoxicating spa-like aroma – notes of lavender, cinnamon, sweet citrus, basil, vanilla, mint and cinnamon – Tulsi calms or uplifts energies. Lavender, as we all know very well, is balancing and soothing to the nervous system. So what this nutrient-rich body oil is essentially doing is soothing your mind while simultaneously ensuring a healthy glow.



Slather it on your body after a bath, or whenever your heart desires. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and let it all sink in. (The scent, oil and experience!)


I was first introduced to Kahina Giving Beauty through this product!  (I have the full sized version of this.) Kahina’s Moroccan Beldi Soap is by far the most unique soap I have ever used. Beldi means “traditional” or “authentic” and this two ingredient, Moroccan specialty gel-like soap is nothing short of amazing. It’s created from saponified olive oil* and is like a body masque when applied. It has a mesmerizing eucalyptus scent which is both therapeutic and healing. It’s naturally rich in vitamin E and will leave your skin feeling soft, luxurious and incredibly smooth.



This soap has a couple of uses:

1. Cleansing: Massage a tablespoon of the soap onto your skin or washcloth in the bath or shower. Then, rinse off.

2. Skin cleansing and softening: After 5-10 minutes in bath, shower, or steam, massage the soap into your skin and leave it on for up to 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Your skin will be incredibly soft and ready for exfoliating with a mitt, glove, washcloth, or konjac sponge.

Of course, you can also substitute your ‘every day’ bar of soap for this deliciously scented product.


*Saponification means to convert a fat into soap by treating it with an alkali. The alkali used in soap making is sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, more commonly known an lye. All soap is made with lye. The base (lye) is mixed with the acid (oil or fat) to form a neutral (soap). (via Google search)


And last on the list, Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. A best-seller for Pai, this multi-tasking, skin hero deeply conditions skin while improving firmness and elasticity. It contains high concentrations of essential nutrients which feed your skin, boosting its essential overnight regeneration process so you can wake up with clear, even skin tone.

And if you didn’t think this oil could get any better…it just did. Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil can be used to improve: dry patches, flakey patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars, and sun damage. I’ll take 10 please!



Apply 2-3 drops to the palm of your hand and gentle massage into clean, dry skin on the face or body. Try to avoid dressing until the oil is full absorbed into your skin.  *It’s stated to avoid contact with lips.*


Et voila! This months amazing beauty box! I always have, and always will highly recommend signing up for this monthly beauty box subscription. Not only is it fast, easy and a great deal on products, but you can cancel whenever you like! (But who would want to with awesome products like these?!) Check out Petit Vour’s website to get started and have fun discovering amazing beauty products along the way! x



You can find Petit Vour on:

Instagram: @petitvour

Twitter: @PetitVour






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This post contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a percentage of commission if any products are purchased through my links. As always, these are companies I have used personally, believe in and support. Also, thank you for supporting me, hullosam through your purchases. :)

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