Rituel de Fille: The Magical Side of Natural Beauty


[Pronunciation: Ritu-elle d’Fee]

I’ll be honest here; Rituel de Fille completely caught me off guard. Dark, gothy vibes…gorgeous deep, rich palettes – eyeshadows and lipsticks alike. I was sure they were off the market for me – then I found out they’re completely natural! This company is truly breaking barriers in the clean/green beauty community.

With a one-of-a-kind, gutsy aesthetic, Rituel de Fille combines natural ingredients with a magical story to follow. Their eyeshadows aka “eye soots” are incredibly pigmented and almost cream-like; their lipsticks, either “forbidden” or “enchanted” are sultry, moisturizing and mystically beautiful.

I want to give you a bit of a back story to who this company is and what better way to do it than to let you read exactly what they’ve described themselves as, their origin and more! (You can click on the names of products as you read, it will bring you to the product on RdF’s site!) Read on…


Rituel de Fille was founded by three sisters who were inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, and the ritualistic, ceremonial power of pigment. Two are highly experienced makeup artists in entertainment and fashion, with unique product expertise and exacting standards for color performance.

The Ramos Sisters


Every Rituel de Fille color is obsessively formulated in-house by the Ramos sisters to meet our exacting standards. We approach our formulation like potion-making: we carefully select each pigment, oil and wax for a clear purpose, and develop each color from the ground up to contain the fewest possible ingredients. We use nothing extraneous, and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color while maintaining velvety textures.


All Rituel de Fille products are 99% natural, and handcrafted without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances. We never test on animals, and only source our raw materials from companies that are also 100% cruelty free.



Two Forbidden Lipsticks and one Enchanted Lip Sheer was sent to me, along with four Ash and Ember Eye Soots.

Forbidden Lipsticks 

Intensely saturated, rich and luxuriant lipsticks carefully crafted to reveal bold, daring color and impart enduring moisture.


Shadow Self: A dark, metallic blue-black created with tyrian purple undertones.

Finish: Matte with muted shimmer



Night Wanderer: A blackened byzantium purple with the subtlest warm glints. This is the color of wildflower fields at midnight, softly illuminated by a haloed moon. Night Wanderer is a darkly luminous sister color to Shadow Self and Chrysalis.

Finish: Matte with muted shimmer



I think this description of the Night Visions Collection is absolutely beautiful: Darkness falls, the horizon line glowing with ephemeral glints of warm, pale gold. The sky deepens to a blackened purple just as the stars reveal themselves. Cool autumnal air slinks over skin and flicks candlelight in the first intoxicating moments of evening. This is Night Visions, a collection inspired by this uniquely powerful moment of transformation, in shades that capture the final glimmers of light.


Enchanted Lip Sheer

Inspired by ancient botanicals, these highly moisturizing lip sheers offer translucent yet vibrant color.


Blackthorn: A deepest-ripe-blackberry stain.

Finish: Semi-matte



From left to right: Enchanted Lip Sheer in Blackthorn, Forbidden Lipstick in Shadow Self + Forbidden Lipstick in Night Wanderer


From top to bottom: Enchanted Lip Sheer in Blackthorn, Forbidden Lipstick in Shadow Self + Forbidden Lipstick in Night Wanderer


Statement from RdF: *Every Rituel de Fille product is obsessively formulated in-house with the smallest number of ingredients possible. Each carefully-selected pigment, oil, and wax has a purpose—we use nothing extraneous and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color and exceptionally long wear while maintaining a velvety texture.


From left to right (top to bottom): Nightshade, Half Light, Sigil and Serpent de Mer

Ash and Ember Eye Soots

The most gorgeous of them all! Smoldering, intense, gorgeously pigmented eyeshadows. Ladies, these eye products are SO much more than I could have ever dreamed of. So, how to explain the texture of these eye beauties…they’re not loose eyeshadows, but they’re not your typical pressed shadow either. To confuse you even more (or make you that much more curious) they are also not creams! The best I can describe them as is smooth and velvety. They almost feel like a cream to touch, but they’re applied almost like a dry shadow. You just have to try them for yourselves!

These Eye Soots are incredibly pigmented, as are all Rituel de Fille’s products. The colour is super buildable, and there are multiple ways of using the Soots depending on how much you build it up. They can be foiled, used as an eyeliner or simply a soft wash of colour.

The shades I was sent below are stunning!

Nightshade: Described as a warm aubergine with a subtle shimmer. This is one of my favourite shades. It’s got a red undertone that I absolutely LOVE, especially when worn alone with nothing else. It brings magic to the eyes! So pretty.

Half Light: Described as a warm, softly shimmering taupe to evoke shadows at dusk. I love applying this color as a base, or on its own for a gorgeous soft look. It takes soft smoky eyes to another level!

Sigil: Described as a warm champagne gold with a hint of pale pink. (Hello dreamy!) Sigil brings light to any eye colour and can be worn either as an all-over wash, a highlight, or a brightening liner. I love it!

Serpent de Mer: (“Sea Serpent”) Described as a dramatic burnt taupe with a hint of violet and subtle metallic bronze highlights. This color is a uniquely deep neutral with an almost ‘dirty’ purple undertone. Amazing on any eye, but especially if you have green eyes, this would be the perfect color to compliment them. The stunning bronze/golden shimmer adds dimension and sultry to every blink.


I hope you enjoyed learning about this wonderful line of cosmetics! I am completely smitten with every single product I’ve ever received from Rituel de Fille and will continue to use their magical makeup! Have you tried Rituel de Fille? Which product is your favourite by them? I’d love to know in the comments below! xo


You can find Rituel de Fille on:

Instagram: @ritueldefille

Twitter: @ritueldefille

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ritueldefille

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ritueldefille



Product seen above was sent to me to review through Rituel de Fille. As always, these are companies I have used personally, believe in and support. Also, thank you for supporting me, hullosam through your purchases. :)

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