Meet Sammie

Photo by Easterday Creative

Hi! I’m Samantha Colletta Kolk, aka ‘hullosam‘ (hŭll-oh​-sam – that’s a short u vowel​, ha) – but you can call me Sammie!​ ​I’m a Canadian­bred, Ontario native who grew up running in the 6…Toronto, I grew up in​ ​Toronto. In my later youth, I moved to Montreal​ where I learned how to​ speak fluent French​. ​​But really, it’s like a ​smaller version​ of France. Having moved around lot – Connecticut to Nashville, then most recently Charlotte,​ ​I’d like to think I’m always up for new adventures. My favourite activities are spending time with​ Davey (my husband),​ my​ family and ​I adore t​raveling! I love a good road-trip​ ​– with great snacks​ ​please! I’m a huge snacker. ​​I have a slight obsession with makeup (especially a good​ l​ipstick), I love the beach. sushi and anything musical (I am ​always listening to music​, and this blog originally was a music blog before I transitioned into full–time clean beauty as Ma Vie En Vert​)​ a​nd/or Parisian.

I’ve spent most of my life with sensitivities and intolerances – ranging from skin, to​ ​food, dairy and more – nowadays I’m living a gluten-free,  dairy-free and (sorta) sugar-free​ ​life. (The latter is not so easy, with my sweet-tooth.) I’d say my passion for all things ‘​green’​ ​came into fruition when I realized that I not only wanted to put pure, safe and healthy​ ​things IN my body – but ON my body. After-all, our skin is a highly complex functioning​ ​organ that reflects our health and wellbeing. If the health of our skin is nurtured, this helps​ ​to promote full health to the body & mind. In return, we get healthy glowing skin!

Last but not least, I’ve got a background in makeup-artistry and love to make-up faces! My​ ​goal is to make my clients feel as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. I am​ a​ll about giving you tips and tricks on how to achieve a specific look, or where to buy​ ​products!​​ If you’d like to see my work on Instagram, just look up the hashtag #makeuptipswithsammie.

My skin type: sensitive/combination with occasional hormonal breakouts + some dry patches. (My skin can be quite all over the board at times…but this is usually how it is!)

Photo by Easterday Creative

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll stay awhile.