PLANT Apothecary: Modern Skincare With A Twist


L to R: ZIT ZAP Spot Treatment Mask + BE WELL Body Wash

There are few moments in life, where I can truly say that I can’t get enough of a body wash. This is one of those rare moments. Watch out, folks, PLANT Apothecary is up to some good. You definitely want to be in on this!

First, let me let you in on who PLANT Apothecary is:

PLANT Apothecary is an all-botanical, USDA organic beauty, grooming and bath product company. They are 100% free of petroleum, parabens, PABA, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones and all other synthetic yuckies! (You like it already – right?!) Every single one of their formulas takes on a new, modern twist to the time-honored traditional skincare and health remedies from all over the world.  Their scents are not harsh, but mild on the senses  – yet they’re all incredibly, and amazingly effective! They continue to follow the principles of classical aromatherapy and herbalism, which allows PLANT the ability to offer some of the best nature-based apothecary products available today. Truly. I can’t get enough.

So, let’s get to the good stuff! PLANT body washes (and three body oils) come in five scent varieties: Calm Down, Be Happy, Be Well, Get It On, and Wake Up. I love how modern their packaging and their names are. Another amazing thing about the line is that the products are made in Brooklyn with the help of adults with physical and medical disabilities.


ZIT ZAP Organic Spot Treatment Mask

This is not your typical spot treatment mask – this little guy has some potent power! And with only three ingredients! Pretty impressive. One of the three ingredients that packs quite the punch is basil organic essential oil. Basil oil is known to be a powerful antibacterial acne fighter. This mask also contains highly absorbent activated charcoal, which draws impurities out from deep within the skin’s surface.

To apply this mask, I mix half a teaspoon of the powder with a few drops of water in my palm to make a thin paste. Then I apply it to any spots or blemishes, let it dry, rinse thoroughly and moisturize per usual. Watch over time as blemishes shrink, fade away and let your lovely skin shine through!


BE WELL Organic Bodywash

This body wash has my heart. No really. I can’t seem to do without it! I mean, when a body wash has essential oils used by aromatherapists and clinicians, claimed to boost the immune system…you kind of want to use it!

If looking like honey wasn’t enough to make me want to eat this..the eucalyptus, lemongrass and bergamot scent of it is HEAVEN. The neat thing about this product, and most PLANT products is that it isn’t over-powering. Mild and lovely, made with clean, simple ingredients such as:

Organic Saponied Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils; Vegetable Glycerine; Organic Guar Gum; Organic Aloe Vera; Organic Rosemary Extract and Organic Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Lemongrass.

Like I said, this shower gel is super mild and gentle. It suds, but not too much and the formula is amazing on my sensitive skin. So, if you’re like me and super sensitive – this is for you! It’s also completely free of parabens, SLS, petroleum, silicones and harsh, mysterious chemicals.

After using these products, I’ve felt soft, clean and radiant. Two thumbs up PLANT!

If you’re interested in these products, most Target locations now carry the PLANT Organic Bodywashes! You can shop them HERE. :)

Keep up with PLANT on social media:

Instagram: @plant.apothecary

Twitter: @plantapotek




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